“This painful and acutely observed memoir will resonate with many readers.”

- Publishers Weekly

“Whimsical, heartfelt and candid.”

- Kirkus Review

“A remarkable memoir.”

- Choice 

“A wonderfully evocative memoir that captures the experience of a Jewish family in Soviet Odessa with poignancy and humor.”

-- East European Jewish Affairs

“A first-rate memoir [which] affords us an intriguing glimpse of a distinctive world long gone . . . 1948 Odessa, as described by Draitser, uncannily recalls Orwell's 1984 London . . . Yet, [it] is far from a gloomy read.” 

--The Jerusalem Report

"Written with warmth and passion... An unprecedented glimpse into what life was like for Jewish people living under Stalin. . . . A well-wrought and compelling account of one man's unforgettable life."

- History in Review

"More than the commentary, the unforgettable drama and the answer to the racism is the celebration of Jewish family life and the richness of Yiddish, from the curse words to the endearments."

- Booklist

"A prolific author, having penned numerous books and articles, Draitser brings not only his writing skills to this work, but also his humor, his memories, and a wonderful sense of Yiddishkeit. This book is a must read for anyone with an interest in Jewish history, the social history of the Soviet Union."

-- The Jewish Eye

"Speaks volumes about the steep price of decades of institutionalized anti-Semitism, and the difficult journey out from under its shadow."

- Jewish News Weekly of Northen California

"Sharp and eloquent. . . . This is a must-read for all of us so as to better appreciate the freedoms we have. . . . We should be thankful to Prof. Draitser for having written this book."

- The Jewish Star

"Poignant. . . . Draitser's story is remarkable."

- Slavic & East European Journal

"A significant contribution to our understanding of life in the Soviet Union and to the vital importance of speaking out against oppression."

- Jewish Post & Opinion